To develop a tailor-made solution we blend our creative flair with expert planning and attention to detail through every phase of the process.

We let your wishes, interests and requirements guide us while taking into account the existing measurements, layout and character of the project. 
When we combine all these factors, you're bound to enjoy the end results!

Project Management: 
Window Frames
Modern Casement Windows , Georgian Casement Windows, Sash Windows.

From tradition sliding sash windows to modern high performance designs, we can offer the exact item to enhance any property.

Sash windows are manufactured to traditional designs, incorporating draught seals together with spiral balance operation.
Our windows can be manufactured to take both single and double-glazing. Our work complies with local council, national park and planning restrictions for listed buildings. We have completed numerous jobs were detail was an issue and we are confident that our quality and attention to detail will satisfy even the most demanding eye.
The History of Vertical Sliding Sash Windows

• The sliding window had existed in Europe as early as the thirteenth century. During this period these windows were no more than vertical sliding timber shutters.

• By the end of the sixteenth century they had become glazed, horizontally sliding timber windows, and by the mid seventeenth century were superseded with vertical sliding windows, introduced mainly in France. This type of window was used in passageways and staircases, as casement windows (which opened inwards) could be an obstruction to the occupants.

• Sliding windows were used in many English manor houses, though there is little historical evidence of their existence before the seventeenth century.

• It is during the post restoration period, with the nobility returning from France, that much of the sophisticated architecture of the vertical sliding window crossed the Channel to England. It is believed that one of the first fully glazed vertical sliding windows was installed for Henrietta Maria, the Queen Mother, who, returning from France with her entourage, which included French joiners, influenced the refurbishment of Somerset House in London, which years later Ventrolla would renovate.

• The exact timing of the development of the vertical sliding sash window (with a counter balance) is not precise, and numerous theories are proffered. It is widely believed that it was actually invented in England. A progression from the original vertical sliding window, it was glazed with small squares of glass approximately 250mm x 250mm, and thick glazing bars in excess of 40mm made it an extremely heavy window to open.

• The art of counter balancing was first used in doors. There is documented evidence in the “Office of Works Account 1663” of weights and lines being fitted to doors in various buildings at Whitehall. It was then only a matter of time before this development was used in windows. The Office of Works has further accounts which state that the Master Joiner, Thomas Kinward, installed lines and pulleys into the windows at the Queen’s private apartment in Whitehall at the end of 1669, though there is no mention of the counter weights.

• In 1672 Ham House, the London property of the Duke and Duchess of Lauderdale, underwent alterations. There is clear evidence that the windows installed were counter balanced sash windows, again by Thomas Kinward, who, together with Christopher Wren, signed the accounts.

• It was never patented, nor did anyone claim to be its inventor.

• The earliest sash windows had solid oak frames, with a groove cut out for the weights. Only the bottom sash opened, the top sash being fixed in position. Little time passed before the development of the boxed frame, which was made in sections to allow the now hidden weights to pass each other. From the end of the seventeenth century the mechanics of the sliding sash window changed very little.

• The number of panes slowly reduced, as did the thickness of the glazing bars, but it was not until the removal of the duty on glass in 1845, when the price of the plate glass fell by three quarters, that the individual panes became larger, with only two panes per sash. Indeed, a sign of wealth was to have one pane per sash! It was in the mid nineteenth century that horns on the top of the bottom sash and the bottom of the top sash first appeared, to give extra support to the glass.


Straight, dog-leg, winders and open-tread staircases. All stairs can be supplied with various styles of balustrading, including turned stair parts by top manufacturers. We have a full advice and design service to guarantee that each staircase meets all current building regulation. We combine traditional joinery skills with the best of modern technology to give you the ultimate craftsmanship.

To match the mood of your hall, we can craft a wide range of turned or flat balusters, newel posts and tops, curved or straight handrails. Your staircase can be straight, turned or spiral, dog leg, quarter or helical. We value the beauty and predictability of natural timber and we finish to your detailed specification.


Porches can assist home security, reduce heat loss, create valuable extra space and provide an elegant finish to the front of a house.

We create solutions which are sympathetic to the architecture of your house - as well as being cost-effective. We can construct from your own design or we can offer you a total design and build service from start to finish.

Benefits of using Preferred Joinery:
Professional advice .
Clear drawings/plans.
Comprehensive choice of materials.
All materials conforming to British Standards.
Totally guaranteed quality craftsmanship.


Preferred Joinery manufacture a wide range of purpose made doors from external, internal, french, patio and bi-folding.

Our doors are custom made to order to an excellent standard .

We specialise in victorian to contemporary styles.

Our Doors & Door Frames have a quality of appearance and performance that out performs other inferior products.

Whether you need a contemporary or modern look, our expert joiners can create that first impression to your building.

Using Hardwoods or Softwoods, we can produce door frames from your existing designs or we can advise on the most suitable solution that will match your overall aspects. Unlike other pre-cut frames we can offer a complete bespoke service utilising our many years of carpentry experience.

Architectural Joinery

Our architectural joinery projects have included period interiors, panelled rooms, staircases, doors and mantels. All manufactured in our workshops and installed by our craftsmen.

We offer a full design and drawing service and clients can discuss their needs with craftsmen who have been creating bespoke joinery for decades.

We are passionate about wood and are able to produce almost anything your imagination can dream up.

Window Frame Guarantee

5 year Guarantee and Undertaking


Your Final Invoice Should Be Retained As Proof Of Purchase

Subject to the conditions listed below for a period of 5 years from supply. Preferred Joinery Limited undertakes to replace or repair at its sole discretion, but free of all charges any Timber frames which become defective due to warping, cracking or discolouration.

Subject to the conditions listed below for a period of 5 years Preferred Joinery Limited undertakes to replace or repair at its sole discretion but free of charge of any Double Glazed Units that fails due to defective materials, construction or workmanship. Preferred Joinery Limited will not be liable for the exact match of glass designs or colours. Changes in manufacturing and availability of colours be controlled over such a long period. Preferred Joinery Limited however endeavour to match the design and colour as near as possible to the original.

Subject to the conditions listed below for a period of 10 years Preferred Joinery Limited undertakes to replace or repair at its sole discretion but free of all charges any Window and Hardware which forms part of an INSTALLED FRAME that fails due to defective materials or workmanship. (After 1 year a charge will be made for any replacement parts, but labour will be free of charge).

The guarantee does not cover misuse of products, accidental damage or malicious acts. Preferred Joinery Limited does not guarantee design match of hardware, panels, leads or colours. (Subject to availability at time of replacement). If problems result as a lack of General Maintenance by the customer e.g. using inappropriate cleaning materials and oiling mechanical components: Preferred Joinery Limited will use its sole discretion when dealing with these enquiries.
The company shall be bound by terms of the above Guarantee provided that:
a) The customer provides the necessary documentation (Final Invoice & Guarantee Documents) .

b) The customer provides Preferred Joinery Limited with full details of any alleged defect or problem in writing and within a period of no longer than one month from the defect or problem becoming apparent to the customer.

c) The customer gives Preferred Joinery Limited reasonable opportunity of inspecting testing or otherwise ascertaining the nature and extent of the alleged defect or problem.

d) The customer allows the company to rectify any defect or problem and to use its discretion in the choice of materials, the time and method of rectification.

Please Note: Preferred Joinery Limited does not guarantee the alleviation of condensation. For information Leaflet about condensation please contact the service department.

Preferred Joinery Ltd
Preferred Joinery Limited knows the world is evolving, as do the services that companies provide to their customers. To belong to the future means to search those means of creating a better service and the best value for money for your clients.

We like to think we will be around for many years to come, this will be achieved through strong values, a great vision and a well-defined mission. We are determined to create a long term road for our company and also a win-win partnership with our clients.

Preferred Joinery Limited mission is to constantly help improve the quality of our services for our customers.
We dedicate our time and efforts with a well-defined purpose in mind – that of providing better services for all of our clients.

We build our actions and decisions with two fundamental objectives in mind...

Our customers – we aim to provide not only reliable services in our sector, but also the best value for money to all our clients.

The vision of Preferred Joinery Limited is to become the leader in our sector of business. For that we are constantly trying to expand our horizons and increase the quality of the services we provide.

In order to achieve this vision we established long term principles regarding:

• Service portfolio: offer the best services and anticipating the market’s needs.

• Quality: make our customers a priority by constantly improving the quality of the services we provide.

• Reputation: be a trustworthy company in the eyes of our customers, market and all partners.

• Sustainability: providing the best financial results while incorporating quality services.

In order to take a decision we rely on a number of values. This core values are not only the guide to our day to day activities but also our strongest beliefs.

• Reliability – We aim to deliver what we promise – courteous staff & professional workmanship;
• Flexibility – We are very open minded with our clients;

• Integrity – We are credible and trustworthy;
• Excellence – We aim to deliver quality services at all times;

• Respect – Always value our clients and each other;
• Politeness – Be friendly and polite no matter the situation;

• Punctuality – We respect and apply the “always be on time” policy.

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